Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

My latest musings...
I started the year off right, got my butt in gear and started and finished my first wedding job of the year. I’ve had it sitting in my studio since early Dec., and had promised the completed job by the first week of Jan., taking into consideration the holidays. It was a small job, only 51 address, so I completed it in about 2 days, with some babysitting help from the hubby. Or as our friend, Melissa, calls it, “parenting,” when it’s your own child. The lovely bride and her family are from just up the road in Springboro, Ohio. This was a reject envelope since the zip code was incorrect. A great resource for checking zip codes is www.usps.com I've used that site many times when a zip code is in doubt, incomplete or omitted from a wedding list.

It was nice to do some mindless practicing of a font that I know very well. The Bickham font. I even worked on perfecting some of the letters that I’ve formerly had issues with. The paper was nice and I started the job with a new nib, a Hunt 56, and my usual black Sumi ink. This is a print sample of the font.

As for resolutions for the New Year, well, can’t say I’ve verbalized any, but have a few things in my head that I’d like to get accomplished. Lose about 20 lbs. to start. But, as always, try to have more time to be creative. That could take many forms, calligraphy, jewelry making, playing with Evie or even writing this blog. I already have a few more article ideas brewing for upcoming posts.
Evie Antics: I thought I’d share this photo of Evie playing with one of her presents from Santa, an Aquadoodle. I’m trying to get her started on her creativity too. Oh, and she's using her right hand, which is rare, since she usually colors with her left hand, so I can't decide which it's going to be.

Until next time....Jen

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  1. Beautiful work Jenny!! (both the lettering and sweet, little Evie) :)