Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting started

Whew, two days before Christmas, and what am I doing, starting a blog. Never mind the cookies that aren't baked, the presents begging to be wrapped, or the handmade cards that were not sent this year. I've been too busy. Over a year ago I started/opened my Etsy shop and I've had mixed results. Most of my business has come from brides looking for wedding invitation calligraphy, or, by my bidding on projects in the alchemy section. I remember being disappointed at Christmas last year that none of my calligraphy was purchased. So, this year I came up with a few new ideas, and it really paid off.

In Sept. I listed a vintage baby block ornament, made of wood, scrapbook paper and my hand lettering. I followed that up with a wedding ornament. Between the two, my count is up around the 30s in the number that I've sold. Sent my last one out yesterday, I think. I enjoyed seeing all the new baby names. There was even another little Evelyn or 'Evie' as they are calling her. I've got ideas for new block styles, I just hope that ornaments sell in the non-Christmas season. Maybe a Valentines version. And more pink/blue baby versions.  My hubby wants an 'Earth Day' version. What about a 'Will you marry me?' version? So many ideas, so little time...

Anyway, so, here is my blog, I hope you find it marginally interesting and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Oh, and I need to thank Amanda for being the inspiration for me to finally start this blog.  I wish each of you a very happy holiday.